JKL001 history is not a conspiracy – I have spent a good deal of time and effort studying and rebutting conspiracy theories, because I find the conspiracist mentality to be very harmful to society.

JKL002 there is no magic bullet – The most popular conspiracy story for the last half century is the idea that President Kennedy was murdered by a group, or a vast combination of groups, for a wide variety of reasons. One phony “fact” has done more than anything to convince people this might be true, the so-called, “magic bullet.” When you look at the actual facts, however, it is obvious that the magic bullet is a big lie, made up and perpetuated by conspiracists.

JKL003 true conspiracies – True believers often scoff at people like me and tell me how there are all kinds of conspiracy theories that have turned out to be real. When you look at the deals you find that they are pulling a bait and switch. Citing bad things that have happened in history does not, in any way, prove the kind of wild and impractical stories that typically fall under the heading of, “conspiracy theories.”

JKL004 The Poison Mushroom: Jew Hating and conspiracy theories – People wonder why I am so opposed to conspiracy theories. “After all,” I am often told, “most people just find them entertaining.” That may be true, but just because something is entertaining that doesn’t mean it has no harmful effects, and just because you give the public what they want, that doesn’t make it right. As the saying goes, “The public likes public executions.” I believe that every time people buy into a conspiracy theory it undermines society to some degree. This is true because the worldview of conspiracy “theorists” is strongly rooted in a paranoid and hateful caricature of “The Jews” and the alleged threat they pose to society.

JKL005 tea party patriots – I define myself as a conservative, but not a populist, reactionary, or nationalist, Tea Party type. I see the modern day Tea Party Movement as part of a long and inglorious tradition in U.S. History. A tradition that is often prone to conspiratorial beliefs, racism, and simplistic thinking.

JKL006 john birch society – The principle forerunner for today’s Tea Party was The John Birch Society, which had its greatest popularity in the 1960s. A small core from the group is still around today, and when I saw the way they were trying to rewrite their own history on their website I felt compelled to point out the truth.



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