Netflix Originals

It's crazy how much good TV is being made these days, both on traditional broadcast TV channels and Internet streaming services. I can't keep up with all the things people tell me I, "really have to see." I can't even keep up with all the things people tell me to watch on Netflix alone, but I have … Continue reading Netflix Originals


The Derek Releford Show

I just finished an appearance on The Derek Releford Show, brought to you by the Bedroom Radio Network (funny name, don't you think?). Derek told me he use to be an Alex Jones disciple but he's not that far out there anymore and by the end of our conversation he was admitting that I was probably more … Continue reading The Derek Releford Show

11.22.63 Part 2

Hulu's big, "event series," 11.22.63 (2016) is now complete. Last time I discussed the first four episodes of this Stephen King adapted novel, this time, the final four. Warning *Spoilers* ahead. As I said before, this is a nice looking production, particularly the classic cars, and the acting is good, with Daniel Webber's portrait of Lee … Continue reading 11.22.63 Part 2

11.22.63 part 1 I've finished watching the first four episodes of Hulu's new original mini-series (or "event series" as they are billing it) 11.22.63 (2016). I'm a sucker for a good opening title sequence and this one grabbed me, much like Amazon's recent alternate history series, The Man in the High Castle (2015-), it makes you feel like you … Continue reading 11.22.63 part 1