Hunting Hitler

Last Friday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day and it inspired me to write the following post about a particular piece of Fake History that recently came to my attention. That night, however, my second son decided he wanted to be born, which delayed me from finishing this for nearly a week, but it also inspired me all the more … Continue reading Hunting Hitler


My YouTube Counter-Notification

As I have previously discussed, and discussed, BR Enter Music, in the name of the German National Library, has removed my documentary, You don't know Hitler (2006) from YouTube and I now have a, "copyright strike," against me (two more within 90 days and my YouTube account will be shut down). Yes, that's right, I am … Continue reading My YouTube Counter-Notification


Remember when Barack Obama was elected President and there was all this buzz about a, "post-racial America?" Obviously, the reports of racism's demise were greatly exaggerated. There is a lot of talk now about how race relations have only become worse under Obama's Administration but I'm not buying it. Our problems were right under the surface all … Continue reading Race

Haters Gonna Hate

Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015) has been available at for a few days now and I have had nothing but positive feedback from those who have watched it. Thank you! Obviously I am poking the bear by giving the film such a provocative, yet justifiable title, so I knew I would have some adverse reactions from … Continue reading Haters Gonna Hate