Emotional Politics

Everyone likes to believe they know the relevant facts and their conclusions are truly reasonable. This is true in politics and so many areas of life, but it is particularly dangerous in the political world, where false assumptions, outright lies, and emotional conclusions can lead to grave consequences. The more fridge your politics are, the easier it is … Continue reading Emotional Politics


Burn down the establishment

Abraham Lincoln, the first, and greatest Republican President, tried to appeal to the best in all Americans, even as the nation stood at the abyss of its darkest hour. Desperately hoping to stop the thunder of war clouds from coming over the horizon, he ended his first inaugural address with these noble words: "We are not enemies, … Continue reading Burn down the establishment

Trump, the new McCarthy

Sixty years ago this week, on December 2, 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) was censured by his fellow senators for his reckless and disgraceful behavior. McCarthy made a name for himself as a communist hunter, going after alleged commies in the Federal Government, with little or no evidence and an abundance of bravado. In the process … Continue reading Trump, the new McCarthy