Portraits of Courage

I mentioned the other week that I had pre-ordered President George W. Bush's new book, Portraits of Courage, and now that I've finally devoted some time to it I can wholeheartedly endorse it. This compilation of more than ninety Wounded Warriors painted by their former Commander in Chief is very touching and well done. You will be … Continue reading Portraits of Courage


That’s the America I know

Did you hear President Obama's remarks at the Dallas Police Memorial yesterday? If not, you should. https://youtu.be/xQPBPB8UDyQ Also check out former President Bush's remarks. https://youtu.be/xl-UDwOHh_8 Both men have done on good job, on many occasions, trying to appeal to the best in us, and trying to be hopeful about America; because there is plenty to … Continue reading That’s the America I know