Now, I wait

I received an email today from YouTube stating that they passed on my counter-notification to BR Enter Music and, "will allow them 10 - 14 business days from this date to respond." When I look at my YouTube account page it still says BR Enter only has 10 days to respond, as I reported last time, but … Continue reading Now, I wait

My YouTube Counter-Notification

As I have previously discussed, and discussed, BR Enter Music, in the name of the German National Library, has removed my documentary, You don't know Hitler (2006) from YouTube and I now have a, "copyright strike," against me (two more within 90 days and my YouTube account will be shut down). Yes, that's right, I am … Continue reading My YouTube Counter-Notification

Please help me fight this YouTube Copyright Fraud!

I'm so mad right now! Maybe this isn't the best time to be writing but I don't know what else to do? I have previously posted here about my fair use battles over my anti-conspiracy theorist work but today I was hit with a new, ridiculous and disgusting challenge to my YouTube account, over my documentary, You don't know … Continue reading Please help me fight this YouTube Copyright Fraud!

Upcoming Appearances

I have a couple of dramatically different talk show appearances coming up. On Monday, August 22, you can listen to a prerecorded segment on Real Perspectives with LeTonya Moore, at 6:30pm EST. LeTonya is and African American Christian, who does a pleasant and positive program. And, for something completely different, I will be talking live with Nick Spero on his Circus Maximus … Continue reading Upcoming Appearances

Podcast: Frank Schaeffer

Episode Five of This must be the podcast is a conversation I recently had with Frank Schaeffer, a New York Times Best Selling Author whose most recent book is Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in GOD. We talked about his upbring and how he became an influential figure in the Religious Right, why … Continue reading Podcast: Frank Schaeffer