Rob Aguilar Show

Back in April I recorded a segment for the Rob Aguilar Show that will apparently air today on Radio Free Brooklyn at 3 pm EST (2 pm CST, 12 pm PST). You can listen "live" at or on TuneIn Radio. It will also be available in a few days on Rob's website. I have done several interviews … Continue reading Rob Aguilar Show


Douglas Coleman Show Interview

I prerecorded an interview with with Doug Coleman for his Internet broadcasted program, The Douglas Colemen Show, out of Las Vegas. He has a more sizable following then others who have recently interviewed me and I think the conversation went well so I'm looking forward to it coming out. My segment will air on December … Continue reading Douglas Coleman Show Interview

This must be the podcast: Ep2 Dr. John McAdams

The second episode of This must be the podcast is now available. This time I talk with Dr. John McAdams, a political science professor at Marquette University and an expert on the assassination of President Kennedy. Dr. McAdams teaches a class on the assassination and he has written a book on the subject, JFK Assassination Logic: … Continue reading This must be the podcast: Ep2 Dr. John McAdams

The Unexplained Interview

I was interviewed Thursday by a man named Howard Hughes for his program out of England, The Unexplained. The full interview is now available on the web and on iTunes. As you can imagine from the title of the program, the show generally deals with questionable subject matter - the supernatural, space aliens, conspiracy theories - … Continue reading The Unexplained Interview

The Lone Gunman podcast interview Last week I had the pleasure of talking to Rob Clark for an episode of his Lone Gunman podcast. Clark is a believer in the JFK conspiracy but not an unreasonable guy, and he was more than fair with me. I wish the sound quality was better - I sound like I am talking through a … Continue reading The Lone Gunman podcast interview