Portraits of Courage

I mentioned the other week that I had pre-ordered President George W. Bush's new book, Portraits of Courage, and now that I've finally devoted some time to it I can wholeheartedly endorse it. This compilation of more than ninety Wounded Warriors painted by their former Commander in Chief is very touching and well done. You will be … Continue reading Portraits of Courage


A Trump in the Crowd

I recently rewatched a classic cautionary tale about the dangers of populism and mass media, A Face in the Crowd (1957). It's the story of Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes (Andy Griffith), a drifter with no moral center, a talent for playing the guitar, and the gift of gab. When he is given the opportunity to become a radio … Continue reading A Trump in the Crowd

A few recent arguments

I continue to have the same ongoing dilemma about how much I should spend time answering questions from conspiracy theorists, or arguing with them? At what point am I just wasting my time? Sometimes the decision when to end a conversation is made for me. I was recently kicked out of a Facebook group where I … Continue reading A few recent arguments