I’ll be on News Talk Nov 22

I've been asked back on Twin Cities News Talk (aka KTLK) this Tuesday, November 22 at 8am CST. I made an appearance on there back in August, when Drew didn't have a co-host, for the Up And At' Em program, but now it's the Justice & Drew show. You can listen in the Twin Cities … Continue reading I’ll be on News Talk Nov 22

Never Remember

For the past 15 years I have been saying, "Never Forget," though admittedly less and less often with each passing 9-11. This year, despite it being a milestone anniversary, it felt like the day went by with little notice in the media. Here's someone reading one of the almost 3,000 names, there's the bell ringing for … Continue reading Never Remember

Yelling in the crowd

Thank you to everyone who helped me #TellTheTruthNov22. I'll revive the hashtag campaign next November but for now I won't push as hard to sell my film, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015). Don't get me wrong, I'd still love for more people to watch it (at nomagicbullets.org, Amazon, or indieflix) and I hope the audience for it will … Continue reading Yelling in the crowd


November 22, 2015 will mark fifty two years since President Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a car through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. For more than a half century the facts have been clear to all the serious historians, journalists, and filmmakers who have looked at them: Lee Harvey Oswald murdered John F. Kennedy. … Continue reading #TellTheTruthNov22