This must be the place was the official blog of jamesklambert.com from July 2015 to September 2017. The posts have been preserved as they were when the blog closed.



The cover photo for my blog was taken from an actual 1895 train wreck in Paris, France. I realize it was a tragic event for the people who were killed at the time but now, well over a century later, I find some humor in the idea that the conductor might emerge from the rubble and exclaim, “This must be the place.” I also like the fact that 1895 marks the birth of cinema, when the Lumiere brothers had their first paid screening of short films, coincidentally, in Paris. The blog name, however, had nothing to do with train crashes or movies when I first borrowed it from the Talking Heads song, “This must be the place;” I just really like the song and thought it would be a good blog name.



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3 thoughts on “About

  1. made it clear that they were not dealing with some random kid who happened to post something online…me either. I am probably the only one who has happened upon your page and know where that photo is from as your header, late 1800s Montreal CPR between St Antoine and de la Gauchetere Peel street west side. All that to say is I know my stuff. You should never have stolen my work for your own profit and absolutely never have slandered my good name. Pucker up. Justice is nigh.


    1. “Justice is nigh?” How melodramatic. As I explained to you, back in March (https://jamesklambertblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/adventures-in-fair-use/), I have not stolen anything from you! I used a portion of your interview with Mark Lane in my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), to further demonstrate Lane’s many lies and the way he is treated like a hero by men such as you. This is called Fair Use (aka Fair Dealing, as you noted, in Canada) and it is perfectly legal. In fact, the episode of Night Fright that I drew from (https://youtu.be/Ip_W3-Ipraw) liberally uses dozens of image that you do not own, along with footage from JFK (1991) and behind the scenes footage of Oliver Stone and his crew making that produciton; all of which does not belong to you. You can’t take advantage of fair use and then pretend like I have no right to do the same. No court in the world would take you seriously. Furthermore, I have not “slandered” you in any way; I am presented you in a factual manner, in my film, and I have represented our online conversations factually on this blog.


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