fantasy island wave goodbye

It’s been nearly three months since I last posted here and even longer since I made a podcast. At first I felt very guilty about this and kept starting new entries to share my thoughts on the brilliant yet frustrating return of Twin Peak, the need for anyone interested in conspiracy theories to watch the movie, Denial (2016) on Amazon Prime, the ongoing denigration of American Exceptionalism at the hands of our Reality TV President, and more, but I couldn’t justify devoting any time to an outlet that was not producing a growing audience. Finally, I came to the conclusion that it’s time to call it and it filled me with a sense of relief. I will no longer be updating the This must be the place blog or This must be the podcast. The archives and episodes previously published will remain available.

From the outset I have been too lax about my update schedule (there wasn’t one) and the topic focus (there wasn’t one). I also had no budget for decent equipment, or advertising, or anything that would make these endeavors more than a hobby. Nevertheless, I imagined that an audience would magically find me despite such obvious shortcomings; an, “If you build it, they will come,” fantasy, I know.

I hoped that my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015) would drive traffic to my blog and podcast, which would in turn drive traffic to the film and lead to other opportunities, but instead I have spend far too much time having the same silly arguments with willfully ignorant people and haters, and endlessly contacting outlets (podcasts, radio and TV shows, reviewers, etc.) asking to speak to them about my work, with far too little results. When one show producer recently told me, “I can’t really risk drawing such attention [to myself with an anti-Alex Jones guest, because of my work with iHeart]. It could really cause me a ton of headache,” I knew now was not my time. I’m still willing to, “fight the good fight,” as I’ve repeatedly said, but I need to find more effective ways of doing that. When I have time to work on my own projects in the future they need to be something substantial, like a new film, book, or articles for an established outlet. Even better, I’m trying to convince various people to produce a radio or TV show; if you’re that person, let’s talk! (I’ll still reply to emails sent to: JKLFEEDBACK [at] GMAIL [dot] COM.)

Any husker du, for anyone who just stumbled upon this site, before you go, please check out my general rebuttal of the conspiracy theorist mindset, my analysis of the Jew hating roots that lay beneath the surface of all Western conspiracy theories, and my most popular post, “Hunting Hitler,” exposing conspiracy liar Bob Baer and the so-called History Channel for profiting off historical filth. If you’re still interested after that I’m sure you’ll continue to explore on your own.

Thank you to all those who continued to visit this site throughout its run! I trust you’ll be there in the future to see what I do next. For now I’m forwarding to my Bēhance page (an Adobe site where creatives can advertise their skills in the hope of finding work, collaborators, and inspiration).