Today, June 6, 2017, is the 73rd Anniversary of D-Day. The massive Allied Invasion of Nazi Occupied Europe, and the beginning of the end for Hitler’s regime, began today in 1944. Originally, there were many “D” days (days on with a planned operation was set to begin) but the magnitude of this particular operation, with 156,000 amphibious soldiers and 24,000 airborne troops attacking at virtually the same time, would forever change the meaning of the term and create only one, “D-Day,” in popular memory.

The Longest Day (1962), a classic fictionalized version of D-Day, is currently playing on Netflix. It’s worth checking out, or revisiting, even if the “big name stars” of the 1960s have been largely forgotten, along with the heroism they portray.

Alternatively, Amazon Prime has the complete HBO series, Band of Brothers (2001), which begins just before D-Day and goes through the end of the war in Europe.

We may not be entirely happy with the world we have today (I know I’ve been too quick to complain about it) but our reality is vastly superior to the world we could have, if so many had not put themselves into the breach for us. We are quickly reaching the point where there will be no more Word War II Veterans, no members of the “Greatest Generation,” left to thank. But we can always remember their sacrifices and consider the lessons that terrible time will forever have to offer us.