justice-and-drew-news-talk CANCELED


This appearance will no longer be happening. There was some confusion about if they would be broadcasting live for Memorial Day or not and it looks like the answer is, not.


I’ll be on the Justice & Drew show again on Monday, May 29, 2017, at 8am CST. They’re on Twin Cities News Talk (TCNT), AM1130 on your Twin Cities’ dial, or on the Internet from anywhere.

Besides being Memorial Day, when we honor our fallen military heroes, it is President John F. Kennedy’s 100th Birthday. I have some thoughts to share on the #JFK100 later this week but for now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos, John and his older brother, Joe, Jr. during the Second World War. If you don’t know the story, Joe was killed serving as a pilot in the European Theater, which radically upending their father’s plan to see his eldest son elected to the Presidency. It was only then that the mantle of hope fellow to the second, more reckless and physically weaker Kennedy boy. Just one of the little (or big?) details of history that most people don’t seem to know these days. I’m sure we’ll be talking about more of them next Monday.

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