Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

Galatians 6:7

President Trump was tweeting again this morning in his typical, “poor me,” “history is whatever I say it is,” manner.

Trump May 18 2017 witch hunt tweet

This leads into something I have been think about since my last podcast with playwright Jeremiah Miller. As much as I dislike and distrust The Donald, as much as I believe him to be the worst possible choice for the Presidency, I’d still like to believe that even he would not actively collude with the Russians and I need to see hard evidence to believe such a thing. Nevertheless, the fact that Congress and the FBI are actively looking for that evidence is hardly a, “witch hunt.” Based on his public actions alone (e.g. openly calling for the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails, refusing to accept the findings the intelligence community and other experts about how the Russians tried to manipulate our election, and making up baseless accusations against his predecessor) give us more than enough reason to examine this mess in the greatest possible detail.

What interests me, however, today, and compels me to make note of it here, is the karmic, poetic justice, live by the sword-die by the sword, reap what you sow, nature of what is happening to Trump’s Administration. This is a man who launched his political career by campaigning the ridiculous, and racist, birther conspiracy theory; pretending that President Obama’s American Citizenship was reasonably in doubt. This is a man who has spent his life latching on to fake news and fake history whenever it feels right to him, from vaccines causing Autism to the Central Park Five being guilty despite the evidence. This is a man who praised 9-11 truther and Sandy Hook deniar Alex Jones for his, “amazing reputation,” and promised not, “to let [him] down.” This is a man who was mentored by Senator Joe McCarthy‘s right hand man, Roy Cohn, and pushed into running by Cohn disciple, and notorious conspiracy liar, Roger Stone. Trump’s candidacy and Presidency have been, in large part, about disinformation, paranoia, wild speculation, outright lies, and a deliberate stoking of the flames within the worst of America. If he is to be brought down in part by things that are untrue, it is simply proof that many old adages are worth listening too, including poet Robert Southey’s famous line, “Curses are like young chickens, they always come home to roost.”

What continues to boggle my mind is how so many self-professed Christians and Conservative can force themselves to imagine that they made the right choice?