Former President George W. Bush has a new book coming out tomorrow, Portraits of Courage, which features paints and biographies of Wounded Warriors that Bush has got to know over the years. I ordered my copy this weekend and planned to blog about it once I got it. This morning, however, Bush was on the Today Show promoting the book along with four of the troops featured in it.

I see Twitter has been lighting up with comments about a few of Bush’s replies to Matt Lauer:

  • “I Consider Media Indispensable To Democracy”
  • “It’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power.”
  • “power can be addictive and corrosive”
  • “We all need answers” on extent of contact between President Trump’s team and Russia.

It’s funny to see how people are processing this information. For reasonable conservatives and liberal, or non-ideological people, these are welcome remarks, and fairly common sense positions, but for the polar extremes this is very upsetting. Many hardcore lefties who were once chanting about a, “Stolen election,” and how, “Bush lied,” they are amazed that President Trump is actually making Bush look good by comparison and the realization that Bush was never pure evil is one they are struggling to come to terms with. The alt-right, however, which always saw Bush as just another, “establishment,” “globalists,” “cockservative,” is enraged by his attack on their man in the White House. Bush faild to stand up to Obama’s efforts to, “destroy America,” they say; now he’s attaching Trump. WTF?!

As I’ve said before, I’m a part of the 23% who still approved of President Bush when he left office and I not only continue to approve of him, I admire him. I am confident that history will come to a much more reasonable assessment of his Administration and his life than the emotionally charged reactions of today. I am also hopeful that we can resist the magnet pull of the nutty extremes and move to a more reasonable political discourse if we are willing to work at it. 

Any husker du, I’ll share my thoughts on President Bush’s new book here, ASAP. 


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  1. Yep. Knowing I wasn’t in a swing state and that I wasn’t risking putting the radical leftist and pro-abortionist Hillary in office, I “wasted” my protest vote on Jeb Bush. Not because I was particularly for him or ever a huge George W. fan, but because he kept his integrity till the end and resisted all pressure to endorse Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party.


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