The night before President Kennedy’s Inaugural there was a snow storm (a nor’easter) that covered Washington DC in a blanket of white. Optimistic opinion at the time saw this as a good omen, a sign of a clean, fresh start. After JFK’s assassination that storm took on a more ominous meaning for many; a warning sign that something out of the ordinary and bad was coming and they had missed it. Today, at President Trump’s Inauguration, evangelist Franklin Graham did his best to put a positive spin on the gloomy weather in DC, saying that, “in the Bible, rain is a sign of God’s blessing.” Really? I find Graham’s divination skills to be severely lacking. Of course, I also do not understand how anyone who is purportedly evangelising for Christ can convince himself that The Donald shares Jesus’s values in the first place.

Trump’s Inaugural Speech may have struck the right chords with those who already supported him but I found it to be a very sad song. Sure, we all know he’s going to, “Make America Great Again,” transfer power from Washington, “back to you, the people,” and do all manner of wondrous things; including the complete “eradication” of Islamic Extremism from the face of the Earth. But his drumbeat of doom and gloom about the current state of America and his isolationist cure for our alleged terminal illness only reinforced my conviction that he does not have a healthy perspective on reality.

I keep hearing how we need to, “Give President Trump a chance,” and, “See what he can do.” These sentiments make me think of Monty Python’s advice at the end of, Life of Brian (1979), “Always look on the bright side of life” (even in death).

Despite everything I have previously said, I am willing to put aside my concern that this racist, sexist, willfully ill-prepared, charlatan of a businessman and possibly illegal Russian bedfellow is the worst thing to happen to America since it’s inception and consider for a moment the light that might come at the end of this tunnel:

  1. As I said last week, maybe Trump’s ultra poor behavior will spark a new era of civility.
  2. The final defeat of the Clinton Machine (cross your fingers) has raised a big question about where the Democratic Party will go next. I know the hard left, socialist, and sometime irrational wing looks poised to take over but cooler heads might prevail.
  3. The rise of the reactionary, alt right, and sometime irrational wing of the Republican Party seems to have prevailed for now but this too could give way to cooler heads.
  4. Trump’s election has disproved his own false belief, and the false belief of millions of his supporters that, “The System is rigged.” Our Founders established a stable but not rigid system, which is responsive to the people but does not act on every whim of the mob. Hopefully we will see how well this system continues to work in future court cases, Congressional battles, and the next round elections, where wrong turns can be course corrected before they become fatal.
  5. The Republican Party does have some good ideas and people, which I have long supported. Some good things may be accomplished and the President’s craziness may yet be reigned in by those around him, at least enough to prevent disaster.

Okay, that’s my best attempt to keep positive for now. We’ll see what the days ahead have in store for all of us soon enough and make our own, individual adjustments from there. God Bless America! Now, more than ever.


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