Bon Iver (aka Justin Vernon) has been one of my favorite artists since I first heard “Blood Bank” on The Current, in what must have been 2009. This morning he (technically, the band, but really, it’s mostly him) released 22, A Million and I’m listening to it for the third time on Spotify as I write this.


This new album has the familiar, hauntingly beautiful feeling of his other works, but it also strikes me as very much, an album, rather than a collection of singles, as most “albums” are. It’s not quite, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, but it does work well from start to finish; like you’re going on a journey with him.

Did you see/do you remember, back in 2012, when Bon Iver won Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards? He gave one of the best, most heartfelt acceptance speeches you’ll ever see at an awards program. He’s so non-Hollywood, so unpolished and awkward in look and manner, so Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He is the a great representative for all the talented artists who don’t fit into an easily marketable mold and will never have their moment on such a stage.

Any husker du, you should check out his new album and then go back and listen to his previous work, if you haven’t already.