A couple weeks ago I scheduled an appearance on Nick Spero’s Circus Maximus Internet Radio Show on the Renegade Broadcasting channel.

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Nick is a conspiracy theorist, White Nationalist (aka White Supremacists), who actually believes that the Jews run the world, or that they are a grave threat to the world, or some such nonsense. I thought it might be interesting to question him about how he thinks and what lead him to this warped view of reality. He promoted our “debate” several times on Twitter and the day before he messaged me to ask if we were still on. He also asked how he could see my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), so we could discuss it. I sent him a link to the media screener and thought everything was good-to-go. The next night I logged onto Skype and found the invitation he had sent me from the Renegade account but once I accepted it and told him I was ready he said nothing. I went on to Twitter and messaged. Still, nothing. Finally I found the live broadcast of his show, now in progress, and there was a guest host named Chris, rambling on about Osama bin Laden being a CIA Agent and a typical mix of lies, half-truths, and misconceptions haphazardly slapped together with bubblegum logic. So I messaged Nick again and told him, “I’m out of the pool.”

I have heard nothing since that night but I see Nick is continuing to tweet hateful drivel incessantly, so it’s not like he’s in a coma or something. Did he decide I wasn’t worth talking to? Did he fear he would end up looking bad on his own show? Did he suspect I am an secret agent? I don’t know that I could believe any excuse he might give at this point so what good is speculation? What I can say is that people like Nick are remarkably similar to all the other conspiracy theorists I’ve talked to about President Kennedy’s assassination and other fairytales. Their delusions are socially less acceptable than wild JFK stories but they are no more or less rational. They all deny, “the official story,” and anything that comes from, “The Government,” or sensible historians, because all authoritative information is, “disinformation,” in their minds. They all look very selectively at the “facts” (true and made up) because only things that “prove” the conclusion they have already decided upon are important. And they all have a hard time maintaining a consistent train of thought.

And yet they generally receive more attention and have more followers than I do. So it goes.


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