Podcast: Jews and Conspiracy Theories

After I got sick last year and had my voice come and go for a couple months it became very easy to ignore my fledgling podcast. Finally I had to decide if this was really a thing or if I should just get rid of it. I told myself that I don’t have the equipment or time to this the way I would ideally want to but that’s such a copout. So I’ve made my choice and I’ve recommit myself to producing This must be the podcast.

The latest episode (available on Spreaker, Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube) is my first without a guest and I plan on continuing to do both formats in the future. This one is a short lecture about where conspiracy theories come from.

It is similar to an article I wrote a few months ago, “The Poison Mushroom,” but each has details not found in the other.

poison mushroom jew hating

The idea that conspiracist thinking is inexorably linked to racism and bigotry is something that many people take offense to whenever I mention it, particularly conspiracy theorists, but I haven’t had anyone make any rational arguments about how I am wrong.

Hope you will check it out and share it with others. More episodes coming soon!


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