Back in April I recorded a segment for the Rob Aguilar Show that will apparently air today on Radio Free Brooklyn at 3 pm EST (2 pm CST, 12 pm PST). You can listen “live” at or on TuneIn Radio. It will also be available in a few days on Rob’s website.

I have done several interviews lately that haven’t been posted for one reason or another and it has been rather frustrating, even discouraging. I’m glad this one is going up, even if it is a bit dated (I seem to recall that we were talking about Trump losing in Colorado, among other things).

As always, if you know anyone who would be interested in interviewing me or having me on as a guest expert, feel free to point them in my direction. If you have a favorite talk show host you like to listen to/watch, why not shoot them an email, Tweet, etc. about why I’d make a great guest? Every little bit of publicity helps.