make america hate again

When I started this blog I had no intention of making it so Trump focused; in fact, I never would have imagined that I would spend any time talking about such a bad joke as The Donald. How wrong I was, how wrong we all were, but now I feel compelled to speak out as forcefully as I possibly can against this mad man and his frightening supporters.

When did we fall into a time tunnel and end up back in the Civil Rights Era? How did we go from the first black President to a hate mongering demagogue being seriously considered for the Presidency? Please, White America, don’t tell me about Obama’s failings, real or imaginary, and his inability to be a post-racial President. Don’t complain to me about the tactics of the Black Lives Matter folk. Don’t tell me how, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” was a media fabrication of what really happened in Ferguson. I’ve heard all this crap before, and even said some of it myself, but we’ve got to get beyond that and stop looking for someone else to blame! The Trump Mob pushing and screaming, “Nigger Cunt” at Shiya Nwanguma, for practicing civil disobedience at a Louisville rally were not expressing legitimate grievances. John McGraw, who sucker punched protester Rakeem Jones at a North Carolina rally – and then went on to say, “He deserved it,” for, “not acting like an American,” and, “next time we see him, we might have to kill him” – was not perturbed about some silly point of “political correctness” run amok. He was longing for the good old days of his youth (he’s 78) when white men were unquestionably in charge and hatred was celebrated as if it were greatness.

trump hate police dog

trump hate fire hose

trump hate lunch counter

Donald, The Drumpf, stands for the worst of America and that is why he is bringing out the worst in the US. The white supremacist, minority hating, conspiracy theorist loving, sexist, all around bigot, willfully ignorant, fake Christians, that I am sickened to admit still exists.

trump hate confederate flag

As Mitt Romney said in his March 3 speech, “this is a time for choosing,” but it’s not just about choosing someone other than Donald Trump and continuing on like nothing ever happened; it is about choosing to reject hate and to stop listening to haters, everyday. We should all be asking ourselves, “What have I done to help make America truly great?” Simply opposing a spoiled brat billionaire isn’t enough. We need to learn from this resurgence of hate that Trump has brought to the surface and stop pretending it isn’t there. If the Republican Party, Conservatism, and America are going to continue to stand for anything good, we have all got to start by admitting what is bad and pushing back against it. Don’t make America hate again. Don’t let this become the norm.




  1. Donald Trump probably will ruin the world if he got hid own way and became president of the U.S, anonymous doesn’t really get involved with political stuff but after the disgusting things he said about the mexicans, calling women names that you would get slapped for, but Donald Trump is untouchable due to the fact he’s a candidate for presidency but we are anonymous and #OpTrump has commenced…


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