I went to the MN Caucus on March 1 and the turnout was insane. Here’s the line when I got into the local High School:

MN caucus01

By the time I finally made my way to the auditorium to hear some of our local Republican officials speak, it was so jam packed that many of us had to stand up on the stage behind the podium.

MN caucus02

MN caucus03

One of the workers who has consistently attended the caucuses for many cycles told me that normally you can find a seat in a chair, put your feet up on the chair in front of you and have your wife’s purse in the seat next to you. That might have been a bit of an exaggeration. Only one of the three speaker that evening took the opportunity to tell us his opinion on the presidential race. Congressman John Kline, who is retiring this term despite the fact that he is extremely popular in our district. He said something like, “As many of you know, I was at a rally for Marco Rubio today because I believe he is the best person to unite the Republican Party. I’m not here to be anti-Trump or anti-Cruz, I’m just saying that I am supporting Marco Rubio.”

Once I got to the classroom where my local neighborhood was able to cast votes, we had to wait a long time while most people filled out the form identifying who they were and where they live. I had come once before, in 2008, when the crowd was maybe a third as large, so I was still on the list and just had to initial it. Unlike last time, however, we didn’t really have time for anyone to speak about which candidate they wanted or why, we just filled out your ballets and did some other formalities that seemed kind of silly. I think one thing that united us all is the opinion that we should move to a regular primary vote and do away with this outdated caucus system. Any husker du, here was the count for our room:

MN caucus04

I had come there thinking Kasich was the best in terms of experience and temperament, but he clearly doesn’t create any sparks that can light up primary voters (or caucusers), so I went with Rubio, who I really do like. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and found that Rubio beat Cruz on the state level but I was still very fearful that we (i.e. reasonable people) might be too late to turn things around and stop the madness that is Trump (or Drumpf).

Now I’m hearing that tomorrow, Thursday, March 3, at 10:30am CST, Mitt Romney will be speaking about, “the state of the Republican race.” I hope he will do the right thing and come out forcefully against the nonsense and bigotry that is flooding into every hole in the GOP ship. I honestly believe that if the so-called “establishment” or “RINOs” (i.e. reasonable people) can’t get it together and stand up to the reactionary populists, who think they are, “real conservatives,” then the Republican Party will sink into the watery graveyard of history. Please, don’t let that happen, America. Don’t let yourself get Trumped.




Here is Mitt Romney’s speech exposing the dangerous and phony Drumpf. A must see for every thinking America!