the conspiracy skeptic

Karl Mamer interviewed me the other week for his show, The Conspiracy Skeptic. It’s a little long and it rambles through a number of topics, from assassination of President Kennedy to 9/11 to This American Life, William S. Burroughs, Kurt Vonnegut, The John Birch Society, the Gulf of Tonkin, false flags, and Hitler, but I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you have fun listening to it.

Karl is a very friendly fellow out of Canada who has done more than fifty episodes on many different conspiracy related topics. The last episode before mine (number 54) is particularly frightening, it features Rich Orman, a prosecutor who worked on the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting case who witnessed conspiracy theorists harassing the families of the victims to “expose the conspiracy” that “faked” that shooting. I knew that conspiracist thinking was bad and that it can lead to bad consequences, but that story particularly sickened me. So, after you check out my episode of The Conspiracy Skeptic, you might also want to check out the one with Orman.