this must be the podcast

My new podcast is now available on Spreaker, SoundCloud, YouTube, and iTunes. Playing off my, This must be the place, blog, I’m calling it, This must be the podcast, and like my blog, I don’t have a set agenda for what it will or will not cover.

My first episode is an interview with Ed Cage. Ed runs the popular and informative Facebook group, “JFK — The Truth.” He was a longtime Dallas resident, with many connections to people involved with the case and the subsequent investigations. He knows the details of the case well and why this is no good reason to believe it was a conspiracy after 52 years. Ed was a great first guest and I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’ve never done an audio-only production before but I’m looking forward to doing more.

ed cage facebook

My next episode is an interview with Political Science Professor and Kennedy Assassination Expert, John McAdams, and I have another expert on the subject, David Reitzes, lined up for show number three. We will see where it goes from there. I have a few other assassination related individuals who have expressed interest in being guests but I certainly don’t want the show to be confined to President Kennedy’s murder, or even confined to conspiracy talk in general. Nor do I want every episode will be an interview. I want to try doing some where I tell a story about history and the lessons I believe it has to offer us, and… I’m not sure. If you have ideas for the show, please share them with me here, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc. I’m not hard to find.