November 22, 2015 will mark fifty two years since President Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a car through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. For more than a half century the facts have been clear to all the serious historians, journalists, and filmmakers who have looked at them: Lee Harvey Oswald murdered John F. Kennedy. Unfortunately, the general public has been inundated by phony history “researchers,” tabloid journalists, and sensationalistic filmmakers who have dominated the conversation with their wild tales of conspiracy. This year I am asking everyone who cares about actual history to help turn the tide and tell the truth!

What you can do to help:

  1. Use the hashtag: #TellTheTruthNov22 from now until the 52nd anniversary of that tragic day is over, November 22, 2015.
  2. Tell people about my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), which they can watch through Amazon, indieflix, or You can also write reviews of the film on Amazon, indieflix, and IMDb, if you have accounts there.
  3. Contact anyone in the media you know, like, listen to, watch, or read, and ask them to interview me, review my film, or otherwise help spread the word.
  4. I will be launching a new podcast in November, my first, entitled, This must be the podcast. Be sure to check it out and share it with everyone you know! The first three episodes feature experts on the assassination of JFK.

Thank you for your help and support! Together we can make a difference and #TellTheTruthNov22!