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I was interviewed Thursday by a man named Howard Hughes for his program out of England, The Unexplained. The full interview is now available on the web and on iTunes. As you can imagine from the title of the program, the show generally deals with questionable subject matter – the supernatural, space aliens, conspiracy theories – and Hughes was unfamiliar with many of the points I raised about the sensible side of history. It sounded like he had never had a guest like me on before. It was a fun conversation and I appreciate him being so hospitable. One note before you listen: He has several announcements and shout-outs before he gets to me, so you can skip the first eight minutes if you just want to get to the interview.

We got into a number of topics but one of the points we discussed about the Kennedy assassination was the moving of the President’s body from Texas, which Hughes had always thought the Secret Service orchestrated, presumably because they were in on the plot. In truth it was the President’s political advisor, “Kenny” Kenneth O’Donnell, who spearheaded the body’s removal because he wanted to get Jackie out of there. I told this fact to Hughes but I couldn’t for the life of me think of O’Donnell’s name, which was very frustrating. I tell the story better in this video:

I have already received a fan email from a woman in Canada who said she has been listening to The Unexplained for a long time and this was the best episode ever. It’s so nice to hear that you have got through to someone and made their day.


2 thoughts on “The Unexplained Interview

  1. I am a fan of The Unexplained and after listening to your interview I have become a fan of you. The conspiracies that really drives me crazy the most are about 911 or these school shootings. The loudest voices are the ones that really think thousands of people worked together to create madness. I would love to see you host a debate with some of these crazies! Thank you for putting all of this together.


    1. Thank you, Chad! I will continue to do what I can to push back against conspiracy nonsense. I hope you will check out my new documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015)!


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