On Monday, August 24, there was a “Remembrance” at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza for their former Curator who recently died of cancer, Gary Mack. I was told by a friend in Dallas who attended this sumber event that clips from my 2003 interview with Mack were included in the memorial video they showed. I’m glad.

Mack wasn’t happy with me for releasing my full, uncut, interview with him, but it has proved to be a popular one and I believe I was right to release it, along with many other interviews I conducted for my first film about Dealey Plaza, From That Moment On (2006). It’s funny, ironic, and a bit of a validation that the Sixth Floor Staff chose some of my footage to represent him. Regardless, Mack was helpful to me and I’m sorry to see him go. It is a great loss for anyone interested in the assassination of President Kennedy. I’m guessing that Stephen Fagin, the Associate Curator and Oral Historian (last I heard), will become the new Curator. I hope so, because I know he’ll do well in the position. There will, however, never be another Gary Mack. My best to his family and friends! I am sorry for your loss most of all.


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