They say, “any publicity is good publicity,” and Ralph Cinque, the dishonest fanatic who even gives dishonest fanatics a bad name, is putting that to the test by posting a second negative review of Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015) on his, Oswald in the doorway blog. This one was written by Professor James Norwood, who at least managed to scrape up the exorbitant $3 rental fee and actually watch the film before typing up his rant (something Cinque had asked people not to do). According to the not-so good Professor, I am possibly the most close-minded person in the world. Once again, I am not going to engage with this deliberate misreading of the facts and messages in my film, or get into the nonsense that Norwood, Cinque, and so many others tell themselves to pretend their minds are open. My film lays out a clear pattern of lies surrounding the conspiracy theorist movement (or subculture), which started long before the assassination of President Kennedy and continues on to this day, making up crazy stories constantly about everything in the news. Like racism, the conspiracist worldview is a big lie that will only lead people to a greater misunderstanding of reality, no matter if they are sincere “researchers” or just thoughtless hacks.

If you are interested in learning more about Cinque, Norwood, and the ridiculous, “Oswald Innocence Campaign (O.I.C.),” which Cinque runs and Norwood seems to have a love-hate relationship with, check out the comical Oswald in the doorway (not) blog from Lance Uppercut. There are some good facts there but it is also rather tongue n’ cheek. Here’s a photo Mr. Uppercut posted of Professor Norwood:

professor james norwood

As for me, I’d rather get on with promoting the truth and I have some good news on that front. The first Conspiracy Theorists Lie trailer has almost hit 1,000 views on YouTube. With your help we can make it over the line today!

If you find any other reviews, or diatribes, about me or my work, please be sure to share them with me.