Ralph Cinque, of the comical, Oswald in the doorway blog, wrote an attack piece last year criticizing the original trailer I had made for Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), and now he’s back at it again with a new attack on the film that’s kind of hilarious. If you are not familiar with Mr. Cinque, he is a diehard true believer that Oswald was innocent, which is why he named his blog after a long debunked photo of “Oswald” in the doorway of the Schoolbook Depository building.

Oswald In Doorway-NOT

Even most of the fanatical conspiracists I have talked too are willing to accept the fact that this photo shows a man named Billy Lovelady, but Cinque refuses to be reasonable about this, or anything else involving the case. He is an extremist among extremists, or, as he Facebook messaged me, “an idealist,” who believes, “good will always triumph over evil.”

I’m not going to pick apart the nonsense in his non-review, review of my film (who has that kind of time?). He refuses to watch the actual movie at the high dollar price of three bucks and he hopes I will be forced to give it away for free, so he just rants about how bad he knows it is and how bad I am. One point worth highlight is this: “[Lambert] is ex-military, and he has a background in documentary film making, so he decided to combine his two passions.” Now that’s funny. I didn’t know I was a career military operative or that the military is one of my “passions.” Perhaps I was assigned to this “disinformation”/”propaganda” mission, as others have suggested? In reality, my time in the military was a total of three months in the Army, right out of high school. I went through Basic Training and then I spent several weeks waiting for a medical discharge on account of back problems that I was previously unaware of. The doctor told me, “You should never have been allowed in,” after looking at my x-rays. So much for that passion of mine, but who needs facts when you have the emotional intensity of a Ralph Cinque?