Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015) has been available at nomagicbullets.org for a few days now and I have had nothing but positive feedback from those who have watched it. Thank you! Obviously I am poking the bear by giving the film such a provocative, yet justifiable title, so I knew I would have some adverse reactions from the true believers in the “CTer” (conspiracy theorist) community. I have resolved however to not get into long, drawn out online engagements with terminal fools, and I have immediately blocked several people on Facebook and elsewhere who have resorted to cursing me out, calling me names, and/or threatening me (The threatening one was a guy who messaged me with some stupid question. I told him to “grow up” and he told me he was 6 ft 4 and could squash me like a bug. He also claimed that he earned his PhD at 22, so he was clearly physically and intellectually “grown up.” Somehow he failed to understand that I was talking about maturity. I reported him to Facebook before blocking him.). You know what they say, “Haters Gonna Hate.” :)

If you haven’t checked the film out yet, please do; then recommend it to all your friends and enemies. I know that some people are not comfortable entering their credit card information to pivotshare, the company that actually hosts my film and processes the payments for a 30% cut, and I promise you that I am trying to get the film onto other outlets. The difficulty of being a very independent filmmaker, however, is that every online location (from Amazon to iTunes to Netflix) has it own rules and ways of doing business. Most of them will not even talk to you directly and insist that you go through a third party agent, who you must pay upfront. What a scam, right? Any husker du, I will keep you updated as the film comes to more outlets.


I wasn’t sure what all I would write about when I started this new blog (and I’m still not) but I knew that I couldn’t let it take up too much of my time. One thing I do want to touch on today, because I can’t get in off my mind, is the recent 70th Anniversary of the atomic bomb drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the ongoing anniversary of VJ Day (depending on what day you identify it). Being a father has given me a new appreciation for the value of human life and the horrors of war; particularly when you think of all the innocent people caught up in it. Those innocents were killed by the tens of thousands, even before we dropped the atomic bombs, by the “conventional” bombing the US conducted over Japan and Nazi occupied Europe. I understand the sentiments of those who want to use this tragedy as a warning, to never let it happen again, but I also see a tendency on the part of domestic critics and foreign enemies to overlook the good that America has done and disproportionately weigh our real and imaged crimes against us.

I recall in the book, Guests of the Ayatollah, about the Iranian Hostage Crisis, that one of the American’s was being interrogated by an Iranian who asked, “Why did you drop the atomic bomb on the people of Japan?” Presuming all American’s to be responsible for this, “crime.” The American said what any of us would likely say, “Because of Pearl Harbor.” To which the Iranian could only respond with confusion. He had never heard of Pearl Harbor, had no idea where it was or what had happened there. This is the price we pay for knowing just a bit of history, out of context. You can become very self righteous in your ignorance.

To give you a different perspective of the atom bomb, let me tell you my father’s story. He was a Sergeant in a U.S. Army Big Band unit (he played violin, clarinet, and saxophone professionally his entire adult life). The day the first bomb was dropped my father was on Okinawa. He, and a few other guys, gathered the musicians together and made an impromptu parade until an office yelled at them for getting the troops’ hopes up, “Because the war isn’t over yet!” Why would my father and the other musicians be so joyus over this massive destruction and loss of life? Because they were all evil, warmongering Americans? Sure, you can believe that if you like, but those of us who live in the real world know that these men were by and large good people who were dragged into a war the Japanese Empire, and their Fascist/Nazi partners, started. Dropping “the bomb” and then another one three days later was the only thing that finally ended the conflict and saved their lives. (Little did the Japanese know that those were the only two a-bomb we had build at the time). It is reasonable to argue that America could have lost more men taking the main island of Japan, block by block, then we lost in the entire rest of the war. Had it come to that, my father and those other musicians were sure they would be the first to die; being the least well trained for combat. So, yes, I hope that my son and the children who come after him never see anything like an atomic bomb, but I know that history doesn’t always present us with good options. If we are to learn something from the Second World War it should be more diplomacy and less tolerance for aggression; not, “Let’s lay down our weapons and everyone else will magically do the same.”

Okay, enough of that soapbox rant, let me tie this back up to the beginning by jumping back to the conspiracy nuts. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many ill-informed, self righteous people love to point fingers at me for being a fool who accepts the Warren Report and knows Oswald murdered President Kennedy (my belief that 9/11 was not an inside job, etc. has also been called into questioned as naive or stupid, and I’ve been accused of being a government agent working for “the conspiracy”). I expected this when I decided to take a stand against conspiracy liars and the tales they spin but I still find it funny when they accuse me of being the rude person in the debate, who should show more respect for other people’s, “opinions.” One Facebook comment worth noting here, conspiracist Gayle Nix Jackson told me, “Hope you do well Mr. Lambert. I for one will not buy [your documentary] because you call people who disagree with you liars.” Even if this were true, which is it not (because I explain how conspiracists lie and then correctly identify them as liars) I had to wonder how much money Ms. Jackson has spent on conspiracy book, movies, conferences, etc., where her fellow conspiracists name President Johnson, all the members of the Warren Commission and countless other people as murderers and/or accessories after the fact, without any proof, while simultaneously exonerating the actual murder? Of course, when I asked her about this she didn’t give me an answer. You see, whatever horrid and incredibly ridiculous thing they want to believe is fine, no matter how many people they defame, but call them on this crap and you are the hater? Go figure.

Thanks for reading this,

P.S. Now go watch Conspiracy Theorists Lie and tell everyone you know to do the same!


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  1. (My father was in China) A perspective rarley brought to light: August 6, 1945, 70th Anniversary Hiroshima
    July 21, 1945: Secretary of War met several top U.S. generals in Germany. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower would years later in Newsweek write: “Secretary of War Stimson, visiting my headquarters in Germany, informed me that our government was preparing to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I was one of those who felt that there were a number of cogent reasons to question the wisdom of such an act. …the Secretary, upon giving me the news of the successful bomb test in New Mexico, and of the plan for using it, asked for my reaction, apparently expecting a vigorous assent. During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives.

    “It was my belief that Japan was, at that very moment, seeking some way to surrender with a minimum loss of ‘face’. The Secretary was deeply perturbed by my attitude.”


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